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May 31 2012


Sustaining Position in the Market

Gaining market recognition is surely the one most important thing for most companies that are new in business. As for those that have already established an identity, the challenge is not actually over. Because with the overcoming of this dilemma, a company next faces the question: What must I do to sustain this position? 

May 17 2012

Love chocolates? Well, you are not alone. Which means that you have your market out there, loving chocolates, and will be surely ecstatic when they receive one same as the above from you. What’s more is that you can have your brand printed on the container. All the more effective and sweet to share and persuade brand loyalty.

Yellow Pig Promotions is the leading company in UK that produces promotional merchandise for big and small companies alike. The items they offer vary in type, including these Promotional chocolates, which you may choose from according to your needs. For more info, click here.

May 09 2012


Know Your Target Audience

So, you currently have the best product other companies envy. Thanks to your creative team you are now to introduce your new product to the market. However, there’s one more problem to take care of. Which market should you offer your product to?

May 08 2012

You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can not get them across, your ideas will not get you anywhere.
— Lee Lacocca

Customer Retention in a Modern Market

There has been a paradigm shift, a fact that we can never deny. From pure functionality, designing products have turned to catering to the specific needs of a target market and appealing to them through aesthetics and other additional features. Now, how do you make customer retention possible in a modern market?

May 06 2012

And who would have thought this could be used for promotions? Yes, it's in the design. If your design is good, then you get noticed. The logic is as simple as that.=)  

Follow this for more promotional product design trends: https://twitter.com/#!/yellowpigpromo

April 26 2012

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
— Charles Darwin
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From your favorite movie character to an idea you want to share with the world, won't it be more exciting if you mark people's minds with your shirt? Yes, printed shirt that is. Surely this is another side of promotional merchandise you've never seen before.

July 16 2011

We are suppliers of promotional products to businesses predominantly based in the UK and the EU our promotional product solutions are purchased by a whole host of famous companies so you may well have something we've branded on your desk right now
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